Instagram Insights Package


Our most popular Instagram Service! This package includes a full account audit, insights break down, and help setting attainable goals. It also includes continued support via the Insta-Awesome Master Group on Facebook.

Please be sure to fill out the contact form when purchasing this package. You will be contacted via email shortly.

*Account access must be granted to analyze your insights fully.


Our most popular service. Our Instagram Insights Package digs into your account, explains what your insights say about your audience, and helps you set attainable goals for your Instagram.

This service is best for Business Accounts (not that your account is owned by a big business, but that you have switched to a business account and have access to Instagram Insights/Analytics) as you will get a detailed report letting you know what your analytics and insights are telling you about the performance of your Instagram account.

The report will cover:

  • Engagement Rates– Are you calculating them correctly? What is a good engagement rate?
  • Follower Demographics– What do your follower demographics even mean? If your largest following by city is in London but you are in Reno, Nevada does that mean you are doing something wrong? Not necessarily. We will break it down for you.
  • When should I post? – Yep, we will cover the optimal times to post based on your insights, niche and more.
  • 3 Attainable Goals– We will help you set three attainable goals for your Instagram that will help you succeed.
  • Everything in the Account Audit* – You also will receive all of the information int he Account Audit, for your account.
  • Continued support in a private Facebook group– Access to a Facebook group specifically for our clients that have purchased this service.

Because of the depth of this package, only 5 of these packages are booked each month. You can expect a full report by PDF file 2-3 weeks after purchase. (In March 2018, any packages purchased after March 7, 2018 will have a 4-5 week turn around due to business travel.) A typical report is 10-14 pages in length.

Account access must be granted in order for us to view and analyze your account insights, but don’t worry, we never share your account information and we never post or interact on your behalf.

Please be sure to fill out the contact form when purchasing this audit.

*The Story Coaching Plan is NOT included with this package and must be purchased separately.

An older version of this package included a list of accounts for you to focus on interacting with. As Instagram changes, so do our services. This account list is no longer included in our services.


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