Instagram Accounts List For Targeted Growth Methods


Looking to grow your Instagram account through targeted engagement or follow/unfollow? Need a list of Instagram handles to focus on? We got you covered.

We are sharing our list of accounts we target for engagement for brands, that have proven to help their accounts and engagement grow.

Get access to over 500 handles for accounts of varying sizes and niches.

Niches include: Travel (195 handles), Craft/DIY (36 handles), Disney (111 handles) Lifestyle (111 handles) and Fitness/Motivation (60 handles).

Target them all or focus on those in your niche to gain Instagram authority within that niche.



These lists of Instagram account handles will help you get started in either targeted engagement, or follow/unfollow. Coming up with handles to target is one of the hardest parts of getting started with growth methods.

  • Get an instant download of account handles to target (over 500 handles)
  • Handles are broken down by niche
  • Target the followers of these accounts for engagement and follow/unfollow
  • We try to keep these account handles current, but cannot guarantee all accounts are currently active
  • Non-refundable
  • No frills list


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