Insta-Monetized E-Book


Are you an influencer wondering how you can start making money with your Instagram account? Then this is the E-Book for you!
Insta-Monetized walks you through ways to monetize your Instagram influence.


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I remember when I started focusing on Instagram, I thought that it was somehow going to bring my website a bunch of traffic. I was so wrong. What it did do was bring me a brand new community and a new income stream.

As my Instagram grew, and I started to see my community grow, so did my income. But I still don’t have a HUGE account. (I have just under 20k followers right now). Yet Instagram is my largest income stream.

I am excited to share with you how you can make money using your Instagram influence. From small accounts, to large business accounts with the swipe up feature, you can earn money if you take the time to build your community and create great content.


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